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2016-04-15Corporate culture and core values

⊙ clock building, rather than the timekeeping of the company culture.

• pursuit of sustainable development, rather than short-term growth performance of the irrational.

• create a working environment to hear the truth.

• the establishment of mechanisms of the Commission to comply with fair, just and open working environment established.

⊙ embracing the beauty of the culture created.

• emphasized strict self-discipline coupled with professional dedication.

• reconciliation of work discipline and respect for the freedom of my colleagues.

• emphasize cultural work discipline, the organization can not tolerate not agree with values and standards of employees.

⊙ core philosophy.

• continuation of the current product development and continuous improvement spindle.

• Do not blindly pursue non-company specializing in the sale of products or projects.

⊙ preserve the core / continue to progress.

• disciplined work culture, allow more freedom to experiment innovation colleagues to find yourself